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COVID-19 Health & Dental Relief Plan

First Canadian Benefits Health Network is offering a COVID-19 Relief Plan to individuals and payors of Health Care. Enroll now or learn more below.



We take great pride in our health network of registered health care professionals who serve our partners with the highest level of quality service at contracted rates.

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Public members, insurers, 3rd party administrators (TPAs), corporations, benefit consultants, brokers, organizations, and government are all referred to as payors in the FCB Health Network.

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Giving you access to the First Canadian Benefits Health Network that provides complete high quality healthcare services at contracted discounted rates.

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Who We Are

First Canadian Benefits (FCB) Health Network is a not-for-profit Ontario federally incorporated company that is charity driven. It is owned and operated by a dedicated group of health professionals. FCB’s administrators, along with its advisory board, is the managing umbrella for the Canadian Managed Care Association (CMCA) and the Ontario Managed Care Association (OMCA). Health and dental providers have organized under the FCB banner to provide a benefit relief. FCB has recognized the gaps and disconnects in Canada’s healthcare model and strives to integrate technology and healthcare to improve capacity, efficiency, accessibility, and more importantly, to restore Canadian consumers’ confidence and trust. FCB is continuously improving its technological solutions as it strives for more coherent and adherent communications and follow-throughs resulting in better patient outcomes for Canadians nationwide. More importantly the FCB Health Network produces a funding model that is reintroduced back into healthcare through charity.

How it Works

As a progressive electronically driven health network, we have invested heavily to create our custom E-Portal to ensure ease of use and familiarity for our network providers. FCB’s custom E-Portal allows providers to submit claims, utilizing reference-based pricing (RBP), in just a few clicks at the point of service with reimbursement in real time. Plan/Policy A001 has been seamlessly integrated into our E-Portal to be used by all Canadians in need of a standalone and/or supplementary plan. Canadians who currently have a health and dental policy may now accept and use Plan A001 in conjunction with their own to receive further coverages. Coverages include all health and dental services outlined with no annual maximums, deductibles, and no obligations. The FCB plan/policy A001 will always be submitted, and claimed, first when used with a secondary plan. This is a social contract put forth to all Canadians in need as well as diverse communities and groups that represent our country. Alternatively, payors will have the opportunity to enroll their members along with their existing policy/plan to our network. Payors enrolling their plans into the FCB network will be saving 25-30% on all claims payable under RBP.

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Our Future

Our strategic intent incorporates values, priorities, and imperatives. As a progressive digitally based health and dental network we want to utilize the power of the internet to provide a delivery of care model that offers the best patient outcome for all users. We value and foster all relationships contributing to healthcare. These relationships and/or partnerships result in a health network that offers breadth, depth, and features a funding model that is given back to health care while sustaining and maintaining cost containment for all users. Strategically it is imperative we provide all the tools and resources available to build the framework needed to accomplish this. We prioritize our health network to practice within institutional ethics and jurisprudence to preserve the integrity of healthcare. It is imperative the network operates within these regulatory parameters that provide governance, accountability, and transparency.

Our Promise to the Community

First Canadian Benefits Health Network strongly believes in giving back to the community in which it serves. We have made it our goal to build a community where everyone has equal opportunities. Its why we strive to ensure everyone in our health network is treated equally and fairly to promote equity and inclusion. FCB works closely with local charities and non-profit organizations to make a positive, long-lasting impression, to ultimately promote the wellness and development of individuals, families, and societies most vulnerable. FCB is also working closely with institutions and government to bridge the gap with current proposals of National Dental Care being put forth. Until 2025 FCB promises to offer its Covid-19 Health and Dental Benefit Relief Plan to all Canadians in need. This includes Those without employee benefits as well as individuals who would like to add a supplementary plan to their existing coverages.

FCB is Working Closely With the Following Charity


FCB Benefit Relief Fund

Pledging over 1 billion in benefit relief over 5 years in health and dental services to all Canadians in need, and local businesses. 100% of member donations will be reintroduced back into the FCB Health Network.

What We Do

We work with you, your payor and/or health insurance carrier and administrator to give you access to the First Canadian Benefits Health Network that provides complete high-quality healthcare services at contracted discounted rates. Enroll to schedule the following services with a benefit relief of 20-30%.










Clinical Psychologists




Massage Therapists



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