Whether you need a stand-alone or supplementary plan, FCB has got you covered

Plan Members

With thousands of providers at your fingertips, FCB Health Network gives you the freedom to select a provider nearest you and receive a benefit relief of 20-30% off all services. Members of the Covid 19 Health and Dental Relief Plan can utilize their benefits with or without current employee coverages. As a member of the FCB health network, you are subscribing to Plan/Policy #A001 under the COVID 19 Benefit Relief Plan. Plan/Policy A001 will offer health and dental services up to 20-30% off the most current fee guide pricing. Registered members will receive an FCB benefit card that enables you and your family to access the network for all your health and dental needs. Members are able to use this plan as a standalone policy to aid them in a benefit relief or they could use this policy in conjunction with another. Members must remember when using the FCB Plan/Policy A001 with a secondary/dual policy, you must always submit and process your claim first with FCB Providers.


Why Join as a Member?

  1. Savings on Treatments
    • With Plan/Policy A001 Members will receive savings of 20-30% on all services performed
  2. Providers across Canada in every discipline
    • Members will be able to find new health and dental providers nearest them by utilizing our interactive provider search feature. If you do not see a provider in your area, you may “Nominate a Provider” so the FCB Health Network may reach out.
  3. Affordable
    • No application fees, annual maximums, frequency restrictions and no obligations keeping your prices low.
  4. Easy and efficient online mail order pharmacy
    • Gone are the days of waiting at the pharmacy, Scripts by FCB makes ordering your prescription easy!
  5. Savings on glasses, lenses, and hearing aid solutions
    • By using the FCB Health Network, you will receive exclusive savings on glasses, lenses, and hearing aid solutions.
  6. Online appointment booking
    • Check office availability and book appointments with the click of a button.
  7. Virtual Appointments
    • Members have the ability to book their initial appointment/consultation online.
  8. Affiliate Vendors
    • Members will have access to our affiliate vendors allowing them to purchase goods and services at reduced costs. Vendors across Canada are collectively contributing to this social effort as they help and aid members with savings.