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We take great pride in our health network of registered health care professionals who serve our partners with the highest level of quality service at contracted rates.


Why join as a provider?

We are absolutely committed to making sure our providers receive the best possible and latest information, technology and tools available to ensure their success and their ability to provide for payors and plan members. At First Canadian Benefits, we focus on operational excellence, constantly striving to eliminate redundancy and streamline processes for the benefit and value of all our partners. Learn why providers have chosen to join us as their exclusive partners in managing health care.


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The First Canadian Benefits Health Network is one of the largest health networks in Canada. It offers providers the advantage of size and leverage, with a large patient volume, established relationships with multiple payors, high client retention rate and competitive fees for service. Please contact us or select “Enroll Now” to complete the online registration form. Once registered, providers will be enabling new patients to search and access their clinic for a benefit relief on treatments performed. Across Canada, employed and unemployed residents will be presenting their FCB Benefit Card outlining plan details and eligibility. FCB plan members will be paying all providers, at the point of service, by submitting treatments performed through the FCB E-Portal.


Cost savings and discounts

  • Manufacturers

  • Laboratories

  • Suppliers and services

  • Insurance / Programs

Registered providers will be issued a FCB password along with their registration number enabling them to reduce their office overhead through FCB’s affiliate vendors and also receive new patients in the office, at no extra cost.

If you are interested in participating in the FCB Health Network, proceed to the Provider Registration tab and complete your enrollment by creating a participating provider account.

Providers will also be enabling new patients to access their participating office for virtual consultations and online scheduling working on a multidisciplinary secure platform.

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Potential Patients

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What is network participation?

Network participation offers providers the exposure and access to multiple payors and patients utilizing the FCB Health Network. We are constantly looking for ways to bring new patients to your practice and to improve your bottom line. By joining the FCB Health Network, you will be making your office available to thousands of patients nationwide both in the private and public sector.

What are the benefits?

  • Joining the Health Network under the Suggested Program Guidelines ensures providers are working under the ethics and jurisprudence of their professional governing bodies (governance model).

  • Registered providers will be placed in the FCB website under Provider Search.

  • To help build your practice, FCB provides free advertising for your office by displaying your clinic on our Provider Search.

  • Provider Search is accessed by members looking for healthcare providers in their areas.

  • Network participation allows you to access FCB’s affiliate vendors offering FCB proprietary savings.

  • View patients history in the FCB Health Network.

  • Payment at the point of service.


Enroll to become a provider in the First Canadian Benefits Health Network today

How can I participate?

Join the First Canadian Benefits program and/or the network here. Practitioners can enroll today or contact us with any questions you may have.