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What benefit relief is being offered to plan sponsors, businesses, and their employees to aid in this pandemic?

We all have overextended ourselves as we continue to navigate through these uncertain realities. Governments, institutions, individuals, etc., have sacrificed and endlessly continue to contribute aid during this pandemic. Health care costs have spiraled out of control. Our real GDP has plummeted at an annualized rate of 38.7%. There is currently no form of relief in health benefits. First Canadian Benefits (FCB) is putting forth a primary health network that provides benefit relief through contracted health and dental providers.

Thousands of health and dental providers have enrolled under the FCB delivery of care model to provide relief on fees for services being performed. This relief translates to savings for the plan sponsors and inevitably to Canadian businesses and their employees. FCB Health Network is away from common ownership, as it functions under governance with recommended program guidelines and Schedule of Services that are put forth and recognized by the health and dental provider’s professional associations. Procurements utilizing the FCB Health Network for benefit relief are established by the FCB executive team and approved, amended, and/or recommended by a governance board of the Ontario Managed Care Association (OMCA).

We encourage all Payors, Funds, and Industry Affiliates to enroll by visiting our website www.Firstcanadianbenefits.ca. Once enrolled our procurement team will contact you with the terms and conditions.

Processors of health and dental benefits will be adopting, through their plan sponsors, the FCB Health Network, its guidelines, and schedules into their system as they enable FCB as a PPN (Preferred Provider Network) to payors of health and dental employee benefits. We will be rolling out the COVID-19 Health and Dental Relief Program for an effective date, Jan 01, 2021. Please join us in this non incentivized not for profit care model and contribute to FCB’s social contract through these unusual times. Enroll now!

"FCB pledges $1 billion in benefits relief to Payors of Health and Dental employee benefits. Savings being produced by plan sponsors range between 20-30% on all health and dental claims payable. FCB contributes a percentage of savings back to healthcare/charity."

– Answer from George Grivogiannis, CEO, First Canadian Benefits

Nov 30, 2020

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